Mass Effect: Andromeda

Having only played two games for the most part over the past couple of months with MLB The Show 16 and Horizon:Zero Dawn, I thought it was a good time to get a new game and why not Mass Effect Andromeda since i really liked the previous Mass Effect games. The opening sequences and visuals took me back to the first time I had played a Mass Effect game and the graphics were pretty amazing. They through you right into the game and it starts very quickly. The game has the usual controls and abilities as well as some added bonuses that are tied to your armor and suit where you have powers and tools that aide you throughout the game.

I am not close to finishing but I have a pretty good understanding about what I love and what I feel like could be fixed in the game. First of all they have the familiar feature where you talk to each characters and learn more while you talk to them. The graphics are greatly approved and they have the ability to where there is no real load screen(unless you die) and they do this by having detailed shots of you approaching the planets that you travel to. I also like the fact that the fast travel to locations on a planet have no load time at all. Much of the equipment is pretty basic and each task that may be similar, like activating monoliths, have slight variations on different locations and planets.

The setup of the game is that you,your sister, and your father are apart of a mission called the Andromeda Initiative which has been tasked with finding viable planets to live on after leaving the Milky Way. They have many different ships called Arks which each has a different species on it and all the people are placed in stasis as they travel for 600 years to this new system to live in. When the ship arrives there is something that is causing havoc called the Scourge as well as an enemy called the Kett. The goal is to populate these planets that are in this new system even with all the change that has happened since they were first discovered 600 years before.

Speaking of the monoliths from the first paragraph, your goal on these planets besides the normal handling tasks and resolving conflicts is to activate these towers called monoliths that help the planets restore themselves to being livable. You see the planets were attacked by these things called Remnants which are alien like technology that seems almost evil and they shit down these towers which they patrol looking for parts. When you activate these towers they make the planet viable to have other members of the Andromeda Initiative live there.

Now the complaints that I have are that while the graphics are awesome, I feel like they should be better for what they had access to. They are slowed down at times as well as not as detailed at certain points. The next issue that I have is that there are quite bit of glitches in the game and they usually are reoccurring when you do certain tasks. When you are driving your all terrain vehicle, The Nomad, there are times when you will be driving and the screen will just freeze and it is often in the same spots each time. Next there are weird things where I had my screen bouncing and shaking when I would be running around and I had to completely shut the game off to get that to stop. Lastly I don’t like the fact that at certain times the tasks can be repetitive and seem to not tie in to the story.

In the end I really enjoy the openness of the game as well as the fact that even with all the glitches the game is very fluid and you can flow through it pretty easily. I think that everyone should play this game and I cannot wait to try and beat the entire game. I am also hoping that they continue the franchise on for as long as they can.


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