Netflix Original: Iron Fist

So it has been a while since I have had a post but I promise you that I have not stopped watching shows and playing games so I have a ton of things to go over, the first being Iron Fist. I wanted to start here because there has been so much bad publicity and people have either loved it or hated it. I am going to give my honest opinion buy one thing I will say is that I can see the reviews from both sides. One thing is that I will cast no judgement on anyone else’s reviews.

First thing that I noticed is that this series came out way faster than the other ones had before. I don’t know if there is a reason behind it because they have announced a couple of series coming out not too long after they start filming. The start of the show was a cool way to introduce you to the character and enabled the viewer to learn about what he went through as the other characters did as well. I also really enjoyed how when I started looking at the comics just for a point of reference there were many correlations to the show was well as the comics.

I feel that the night nurse, while important to the story and is in the comics like that, she was very forced into the show and they tried to get her involved into as many of the aspects of the show as possible. I truly enjoyed the fact that they attempted to have the person use a form of martial arts that also included meditation but they strayed when they went to elaborate on it because they had to make the main character more aggressive. Overall I really enjoyed the show and I am anxiously waiting the season of The Defenders and The Punisher and really hope that they can make some adjustments to the Iron Fist story line.

What didn’t I like? Well for one I had a problem that they almost made it seem as though the character of Danny Rand was raised in a way that he grew older but that had the mentality of a 10 year old when his plane went down. It was weird because he had a weird demeanor in the beginning and then gradually seemed to become more of an adult. Next the fighting didn’t flow well and it seemed as though it was planned to where people would brace for impact making it look very awkward and it just didn’t work. What made it worse was that in Daredevil and Luke Cage they did such great jobs with the fight scenes I had high expectations.

It may be the fact that I really enjoy comic books that I loved watching this show and I let things slide because it may not have worked completely but it worked to the point that it didn’t ruin the show. I think that if you do want to start watching the show you should at least wait until the 5th or 6th episode before you make any decisions.

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