Resistance Radio: The Man In The High Castle

A while back I wrote about how awesome The Man In The High Castle was and how that show was something that I had never seen before. Well they are stepping up their marketing game and boy is it awesome. When Amazon Prime Video sent me this package I had no idea what to expect. Companies have been known to send the craziest stuff to bloggers and writers so that they make sure they get the best publicity. Amazon Prime Video went above and beyond and sent something that stayed true to the show and makes you feel like you are apart of the show itself. It is a Resistance package with links to the channel where you can listen to the radio stations that promote fighting against the oppression of the Nazis and Japan while making it very secretive. Below you will find  what they sent and what it looks like.

The kit includes a record, a ticket to get into a show in Colorado, a booklet that shows you how to make a paper record player, and a letter talking about the importance if the resistance. This is one of the best marketing campaigns that I have seen and I cannot wait until season 3 drops and we get more of our questions answered. The new season should come out towards the end of this year and many cast members have said that the show is going to expand on the different areas that the two countries control. Season 2 had a little bit more of Germany in it and so if that was the start then I can only dream of what will happen with this expansion. Take a look at the photos below and make sure to visit Resistance Radio to check out the cool things the show has to offer there.


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