Logan Review

When they announced the next movie about Wolverine would be Hugh Jackman’s last turn at playing the pivotal role that he has played for 17 years I wasn’t too sure about how I felt but knew it was time as many of the other characters had been recast and they work fairly well. Then I heard that it was going to be based on the Old Man Logan comics and I was happy and sad at the same time. I knew from the comics that basically it was the end for Wolverine, though in those comics and every other one that has the death of Wolverine in them it is usually just presumed he is dead. Then I heard X-23 was who the little girl was in the film and was very excited as I have only read the comics where she was older and she hated or was upset with Wolverine. Then I was finally able to see the movie this past week and while it was amazing and a perfect ending to his ride as Wolverine, it was still sad. Be warned there will be slight spoilers in the next parts so you should stop now before you see anything you do not like.

Alright so the first thing we see is Wolverine sleeping in the back of a car and then you realize it is a limo when he gets out to confront some guys trying to steal his wheels. This is the first part that made me mad and happy at the same time. He gets shot in the process and yet he still heals, very slowly, but heals none the less. We were told his powers stopped but instead its slowing down to possibly not working. I was excited because obviously he would make it through the whole movie and now its just time to decide what will happen in the end. Professor X is in it and he plays an amazing role as he has either dementia or Alzheimers and cannot remember some things as well as having seizures which cause his powers to go haywire. This caused an event at the X-Men school and many people died and while you do not get much info or see anything you can see that it effects Logan and Professor X in different ways.

I’ll leave most of the rest of the movie untold besides the fact that we see X-24 briefly which Hugh Jackman plays wonderfully and we also see that the world is very advanced for being in 2029 which is scary and awesome at the same time. I advise every person who has ever watched a comic book movie or liked X-Men at all to watch it immediately because this movie is amazing. It feels like an actually film that has a super hero tie in. Basically there is a legit story that only incorporates the super hero aspect when needed and does not rely on it heavily like many movies do. Watch it now because it will change your life!

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