Indiana Jones Rides Again

So Disney announced that Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg will be working together again on a yet unnamed Indiana Jones movie set to be released July 19,2019. I had to sit on this announcement for a couple days because I wasn’t sure how I felt. The last movie where they made an attempt to transfer the franchise over to Shia LaBeouf they flopped horribly and many thought that the franchise was completely gone. When I first saw it I thought wait how will this even work or make sense? What will they even try and accomplish with this movie? Then it hit me real hard what they were going to do. Indiana Jones will die.

Let me explain to you for a second what I’m thinking. Hugh Jackman is hanging up the claws on Wolverine and the Logan film is his last hurrah(I haven’t seen the movie yet, but come on the trailers are obvious). There needs to be the ability to reset the films for Disney so they can start making the movies again. The biggest revelation for me was that Harrison Fords character of Han Solo has died and everyone knew it had to happen, so why wouldn’t a great director like Spielberg take the opportunity to kill off an icon when there is the need to do it. The only thing that I cannot figure out is the direction they will take after this happens. Do they replace Ford and cast a new Indiana Jones or do they have someone take the torch and continue this world. In the end I couldn’t be more excited with the possibilities that could arise.

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