Podcast To Listen To: Star Wars Minute

I have been listening to a ton of podcasts lately and one that I can always listen to is Star Wars Minute. This podcast is exactly what it says, they cover Star Wars one minute at a time. I started listening to them a while ago when they covered A New Hope and they didn’t really have any intentions of going any further worth it. Then they did the Christmas Special and now they are about halfway through Attack of The Clones. This podcast is not only fun but it is crazy informative.

This podcast will talk about the minute and then they will break down everything from how it fits in the movie to the names of characters in the minute. They use Wookiepedia to tell you all about anything that they know and they even give criticisms about things that really didn’t work. I love this for the simple fact that when you watch the movies all at once you  miss little things here and there. They give you a chance to realize “O wait that didn’t work.The two hosts are Alex Robinson and Pete The Retailer and each week they have a new guest. They have one episode a day Monday through Friday and they are one of the most informative Star Wars podcasts you can find.

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