Horizon Zero Dawn

So I had no idea what this game was when I first got it. Since I cut the cord to cable and do almost all streaming services I see rarely a commercial and when I do watch cable somewhere the commercials are fast forwarded through. The hype was big when I looked at some trailers and then watched some gameplay footage but I had no clue what I was in for when I started playing. This game is basically a tribal like video game that is set in the future. Everyone lives in camps and they fight roaming mechanical animals/monsters who act animal like but they are far from it.

First of all the graphics are amazing and the sheer size of the lands that are around is insane and the technology that you can use and that you have at your disposal is awesome. You have numerous types of weapons that do different things as well as different ammo that works better in certain situations. You have an earpiece like thing that when activated will show you different things in the world as well as tell you weaknesses for the different machines that you encounter.

The first thing that I truly love about the game is that these machines don’t just roam freely so that you are getting killed unnecessarily, but they do have areas where you must either be silent or attack in order to get around. The second thing that I like is that there are side missions that will give you cool modifications which can be used to upgrade your outfit and weapons which will help with other missions. Lastly you have my favorite thing which is the upgrades that you can make on yourself such as better vision and ability to add more items to your pouches. Below is a short trailer to give you a visual look and I hope you all play this game ASAP.

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