As many may have noticed I have taken the approach of watching numerous episodes of new shows so that I can get a better feel for a show while giving it a chance if it has a rough start. Some shows, like Game of Thrones, got to a slow start but then picked up pretty quickly after the first handful of episodes. In the case with APB I learned many more things than I had anticipated. I loved the concept of the show just from the previews and I liked the first couple of episodes as they were your traditional cop like show with a newer twist as well as the added detail of a person running a police department who has no experience.

APB is about a tech billionaire Gideon Reeves played by Justin Kirk who has his best friend killed in an armed robbery. During the process of talking to the police he realizes that the 13th Precinct is so behind on technology and money that they would never be able to find the killer of his friend. He shows up to a city council meeting and tells the mayor he wants to buy the precinct and he will supply them with all the new technology and equipment. After the deal goes through(Make sure to watch so you see how it goes down) he sets up this new precinct and he sets up his key people who like this new setup as well as brings in his employees from his other business ventures who will maximize the equipment being used.

The two big things that they have added to the precinct besides the new equipment is they have an app that sends allows citizens to report crimes and the nearest officers will get the notification immediately. Next biggest thing is that the new sidearms that they are using have the ability to stun or be lethal. The stun is a higher powered stun and works very effectively. While some officers are skeptical the majority of officers truly enjoyed the new stun feature. Some officers try and transfer and some just quit but for the most part most officers do like everything as it does benefit them. The mayor however doesn’t like what is happening as they are getting requests for the new technology in other areas not covered by the 13th Precinct.

One big thing that is happening as well is that Officer Murphy, played by Natalie Martinez, is a great dedicated officer who was married to a high ranking officer and friend to the mayor. He is tasked with interviewing officers and creating a task force to try and get Gideon Reeves out of the precinct. Due to Murphy’s dedication she is now a detective and her ex questions this so you can feel the animosity at a high level between him and this new regime.

Now the thing that I truly love about this show and didn’t come up until the latest episode was some of the consequences that most movies or shows would never address. One of the new things the officers are able to utilize besides the app is drones. Reeves has a fascination with new technology and does most of the experimental building himself on some level so he usually flies a drone into the field to aid in pursuits. The problem that is brought up by Murphy’s ex is that people are complaining that their privacy is being compromised by the drones. There is also complaints that all app users aren’t being responded to or treated the same. This aspect alone while scripted makes the consequences for some of the actions deeper and makes you think more about what other technologies are being used  Below is a trailer to give you a small sample and I hope you enjoy!

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