24 Legacy Review

When Fox announced that they would be doing a 24 series without Jack Bauer I wasn’t sure what to think. How can you have a person replace the baddest spy in the world? How will this story line go when they have many of the same cast members not on the show? Well they managed to do something that awesome with this show that I did not expect. They took the same show concept and then took a new story. I was optimistic but the lingering idea of replacing Matt Damon as Jason Bourne. In this instance they successfully converted this model(so far) and have actually made it to where they could start this show over with other cast members at least a couple more times.

24 Legacy stars Corey Hawkins as Eric Carter who is a former special ops member in the military. A leak has shown all the names of members of his team that took down a top level terrorist and now the team and their families are being killed as they look for a box that was in the placed they raided. I will leave the story at that because you need to see this to know how awesome it is. In the episodes so far he is working with the government so he isn’t rogue or anything but I wouldn’t put that past the show creators.

I like the change at main character for the simple reason that I hadn’t seen this guy act in anything else and the way he portrays this badass character is so spot on that it makes me truly believe that he would pass as a special ops soldier. If you haven’t started watching the show yet then you need to start now so that you do not get too far behind. The action is great and the different action that happens along all the different story lines are awesome and they make me excited to see where this show goes in the future. Below is the trailer so you can get a little glimpse into the show.

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