Star Wars Episode 8 Rumors

So the past week has been big for rumors with Star Wars Episode 8 and with the newest rumor that I saw today I thought I would cover three of the big rumors and theories that just came out. If you are a person who hates rumors or theories then stop here. You have been warned.

The first rumor that actually is now confirmed is that the Jedi in the title of The last Jedi is plural. Everyone has been wondering if it was singular or plural and apparently in some foreign trailers the way that the title it confirms the word is plural. After there were reports from the movie crew that it is in fact plural which got me very excited.

The second rumor was plot based and has me intrigued. So the rumor goes as follows, Finn is tasked with trying to board a larger than we have ever seen Star Destroyer that is black in color. Finn is able to gain access with a First Order ship and with him wearing an officers uniform. When he enters the ship he sees a Stormtrooper, played by Tom Hardy, who he knew in training and he comes to talk to Finn. Apparently nobody knows about Finns involvement with the Rebels or the destruction of Star Killer Base and so the Stormtrooper congratulates Finn on his promotion(the new uniform). This is all rumor but would make a ton of sense when thinking about the next phase in the movie series.

The last rumor that I am the most excited about is who Benico Del Toro is playing. There have been literally no rumors at all until today. As of right now his character name still says that he is TBA but there seemed that there was a mistake and a name was listed next to his picture for a very short time. That name you ask? Vikram Fett!! YES FETT! Is this a cousin,son, nephew? I have no idea and I just hope that he really is a Fett. We only have to wait ten more months to find out and if it is true I will lose my mind!

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