So when I heard that Tom Hardy was going to be on a new television show based around the time of the American Revolution and based in England I wasn’t too sure what the show was going to be about. The images just from the title screen show something along the lines of voodoo and the stills seemed to be somewhat like a jack the ripper like show. After watching the first handful of episodes I can see what it is but I do not know where it was going.

The show follows Tom Hardy’s character of James Delaney as he returns home to see his father be buried and life happens. Things happen along the way that make you think that there is magic involved as well as there being just general conflict. One thing that I think is that you have to watch the entire show and everything that happens as there are times when there are multiple things happening that you know mean something but just do not know what effect that item or event will happen. Below is a trailer so you can try and get a general idea and hopefully enjoy it like I did.


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