I haven’t been playing games as of late as I have been trying to watch as much television as possible to catch up on the crazy amount of shows that there are. Recently I saw the ad for the game Nioh and I was intrigued and decided that I would try the game out. As a kid I loved any kind of sword play game and the possibility of chopping body parts off of my enemy. Most times the game were either too short or there was such a limited amount of gore that the game just became really repetitive. This game has lots of gore and even though I am only part way through the game I will say that it doesn’t look like it will be short.

This game starts you off right in the heat of things with no instruction on how the game works at all. It is not extremely difficult at the beginning but it is very challenging given how it starts. This has been one of those type of games that when you die you are very determined that you will go back and kill this person that killed you. One of the interesting aspects of the game is that when you clear an area of people they can come back if you leave the area for a certain period of time. In a game of like this I enjoy the added difficulty because this limits people from hiding in an area or trying to play the game in a way it wasn’t intended.

The last thing I loved about the game is that if a person plays too aggressively you will get winded fast and leave you open for attack. This makes the game much more strategic and also adds to the difficulty. The tutorial is very basic but in a way that most gamers would appreciate. It is after the first part of the game so it helps a little bit to see what the controls are as well as learning small tricks here and there. If you use those tricks is completely up to you when you play the game. I suggest everyone get this game as it is not only fun but challenging as well! If you are on the fence watch the trailer below to get a general idea of what it is about.


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