Legion on FX

When I first saw the previews for this show in FX, I wasn’t sure what to think or if I would even watch this show at all. I had seen people saying they liked it after the first episode premiered and then some that weren’t quite negative but were also not praising the show. After waiting for a week I decided that it was time for me to watch the show and see for myself. The show is very fast paced and they make sure to throw you into the show as fast as any show that I have ever seen.

The show seems to take place in one place but also in others and this is the awesome way the show is portrayed. The confusion is only exacerbated by the fact that the story intertwines in other places as well. One thing that I loved was the fact that you do not see any actual usage of powers until the end of the episode which for me was very important. For one I did not want this show to be solely based on the powers that people have. I would much rather have a person be developed as a character before you see them in their true form of a super hero.

The last thing about this show that I love is that it seems to take place in the 60’s or 70’s but they have some modern day technology so as of episode one I have no idea as to what time this takes place. This gives the show a certain feel as they have yet to venture too far out in the world. In the end as the show progresses in a way that they do not try and go for the big blockbuster show and more of a story based show that also sticks true to the comics. Below is a trailer for you to see a little for yourself.


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