Game of Thrones

When you see the title of Game of Thrones you think of knights and dragons. After waiting a very long time I binge watched six seasons of Game of Thrones because part of me felt like I had to and part of me was intrigued by the dragons. I was told multiple times that I had to get to season three as it is the starting point of getting good. This show has a slow and deliberate pace that has action spread out throughout all the different journeys. The scenery and the cinematography is amazing in this show and what I loved the most about the show was the fact that while the show is set in medieval times, there are new aspects that they introduce with religion and of course dragons.

Being the cynical person that I am there were times that the heroes rubbed me the wrong way as they were acting very selfish but that feeling would leave as the violence would grow and things would become more clear. This is definitely a great show and one that draws you in to all of their stories with twists and turns that you would never think of because they make sure to draw your attention to one thing distracting you from what was truly going on.

One aspect that I truly enjoyed was that even though the show is only going into its seventh season and the seasons are only about ten episodes long, you still see a majority of the characters grow and change as people would normally after what many of them have gone through. The show takes you to a time that while it seems realistic the mythical aspects allow you to lose yourself in the world and make you want to go there in person and experience their world for yourself. Since the seventh season doesn’t come back until June you have plenty of time to watch all the episodes and find out what everyone is talking about.

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