Santa Clarita Diet Review

Netflix has been releasing some amazing shows lately and they usually do not hold back on production value to make sure that each show feels more like an extended movie than a television show. This reason is why I watch almost every show they put out as I know I can at least enjoy the quality of the production. Now I am not a big zombie movie or show type person but with the cast that was in Santa Clarita Diet I had to try and I am very happy to report that while I am just through two episodes I am extremely happy with it.

Drew Barrymore plays an amazing character as well as Timothy Olyphant and the show is funny and serious at the same time. Many of these new shows on Netflix will curse as they know that some people like that a show is uncensored but this show uses the F word in such a way that it has meaning while also works well in the situation. I advise everyone to get on this show ASAP because the more people watch the more likely we get a season two.

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