As a person who is always on the lookout for a good new television show I often find a something by accident. The newest show that I found Outsiders was discovered while walking by a TV and seeing a promotion for the show. I knew nothing of the show other than that it looked like mountain men/vikings versus modern day. I was very wrong and in a good way.This show has an excellent cast as well as a story line that keeps you glued to the television. I am actually watching the last episodes of season one while I wait for season two to start.

The show itself starts very quickly and you have to pay attention to everything that happens as it is fast paced and can be confusing at times. The biggest thing that I love about this show is that there is so much going on but there really is just one big story. The people on the mountain do not want to leave and the people in town want to take their mountain back and mine coal. This show is addicting and anyone who likes a show similar to a Sons of Anarchy then you must watch this show. One of the main characters being Ryan Hurst(Opie on SOA) and he is a great character. The show airs on WGN America and Season 2 premieres on January 24th. Watch the show trailer below.

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