Logan Red Band Trailer #2

When I heard that this would be Hugh Jackmans last time playing Wolverine I wasn’t too sure about how to feel about it or what direction that they would go with this film. Rumors were going around like crazy with the theory that it would be a Old Man Logan comic based movie and with the first trailer we got the idea that it was going to be that. This new trailer though is beyond amazing and makes me want to see this movie so much more.

The biggest thing that I love is seeing the little girl,X-23 as hinted to by the two claws on one hand, doing her thing and showing the traditional aggression that we see from Logan. One thing that people are not sure about is the setting, whether it is post apocalyptic or not, so this could affect the movie in one way or another. One other thing that some people do not know is that in many of the newer comics when they have Logan die, you never see him dead he is just gone. If they take this approach I think they may try and utilize a new Wolverine or they could have Jackman as just a background character.

What I do know for sure is that I am really looking forward to X-23 being in the film and the potential to have her in future films as she is much more aggressive but also much calmer than Wolverine and that to me would make a great person to add to the franchise. Hopefully we can see an older version of her down the road. In the meantime enjoy the trailer and here’s to hoping this movie is as awesome as the trailers show it to be.

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