Have you ever listened to a radio show or a podcast and they tell you that they just watched a show that was so amazing that everyone needed to watch it? When you watched it was it any good? Usually I will watch a show that is recommended to me and they are usually good but not something that I would be recommending like crazy. The last thing that I was referred to was Code Black, a ER room drama on CBS and while it is a good show I wouldn’t put it as a must watch. As a regular listener to many podcasts I have heard every person say that Westworld is an amazing show and that everyone should watch it so I decided to watch it well after the season was over. I am pleased to say that this was well worth the recommendation.

This show takes place in either the future or an alternate universe as they have some very advanced technology and the premise is that a company has created a theme park where you can go to the old west and act like a cowboy and pretty much do whatever you want without consequences. You can kill, rob, or even be a hero without any risk of being killed yourself. The experience is added to with “hosts” which are robot/artificially intelligent beings who are set to perform certain tasks and those alone. I won’t go into too much detail as this could lead to spoilers, but I will say that while some episodes may be slow they all are very connected.

The amazing thing about this show is that it takes place in the theme park and the offices that maintain the park only. This is an amazing example of a show that while the production value is very high, they are using only two different locations for the whole show. They also show different characters and story lines throughout the show which I really enjoy as many of these shows that have such a small world will focus on one person only. This show is diverse and will make you question all things that happen as the show progresses. I think everyone should watch this show on HBO and I look forward to season two even if it doesn’t come until 2018 as it has been predicted.

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