Titanfall 2 Review

As a person who loves first person shooter games and who ALWAYS plays the campaign first so that I can get a feel for a game that is new to me and learn the new weapons, i went into Titanfall 2 with no experience with the game. All I had known was a basic idea that you are in futuristic world where you are using large machines to assist. I am open to all games but I did feel like this may be a Call of Duty copy cat and boy was I was wrong. This game is a must play and I will tell you all about why.

First of all this game isn’t one where you are doing all these tiny missions so that you can build up to knowing what you are doing. You start off as a recruit and they have you practice using different skills so that you will use and how to use the weapons while in combat. You only have to do each thing once and you can practice as much as you want but in the end you start the missions. The game play is one that I think that game manufacturers should return to. You have the levels where you are accomplishing missions followed by the boss levels that you used to see in all the games. They are gradually more difficult and you have to utilize all the things that you learn to defeat these more difficult foes.

Another thing that I love is that even though a gun can be upgraded on your large mechanical friend, the new guns do not always work for what you are doing. You have to look at all the weapons that you have and use the one that will help you the most in the game. The mechanics are fairly simple but you so use numerous different buttons which makes the complexity of the machines more difficult while also making it much more intriguing.

The last thing that I loved was the story line. A slight spoiler is that you are made a pilot(what they call the drivers of the mechanized machines) and you have little to zero training. The game has you getting to know your new partner while also helping you to try and determine the best way to approach missions. The graphics help with this as they are very advanced and give you a look at an interesting set of new worlds. If you like a good multiplayer then you have to play this game. it changes things up from the redundant feeling you sometimes get with Call of Duty.

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