The Man In The High Castle

I had heard about a show that was awesome and that I had to watch but I didn’t have Amazon when the first season dropped. I waited and now that I have Amazon I binged watch that show like that was the only thing to watch. For those that do not know, this show is set in the 1960’s in a world where the Allies of WWII lost the war and the United States is split in the control of the Nazi’s and Japan. The concept was something I had a slight idea about but  the extent of what has happened in the United States is scary and feels very real.

There are numerous characters that play this movie out, some being on the east coast in the Nazi controlled portion on the United States and some in the Japanese controlled west coast. The approach they take is that they have several different stories going at once and you are to look and see if things are connected or not. I won’t go into too much detail as there are so many things that would get spoiled just by talking about one thing. What I will say is that this show is amazing and you must watch it. There are some times where things are very intense and I suggest that if you are iffy with things like death then you should just be warned.

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