As a person who is always on the lookout for a good new television show I often find a something by accident. The newest show that I found Outsiders was discovered while walking by a TV and seeing a promotion for the show. I knew nothing of the show other than that it looked like … More Outsiders

Santa Clarita Diet

So Netflix is trying this new thing where they limit how much you see before a show comes out. The new show they have coming out that drops on February 3rd has gone to the next level with a fake website and everything.The Santa Clarita Diet looks to be a show where a woman, played … More Santa Clarita Diet

Why David Blaine?

So I really wanted to share this video of David Blaine shooting a gun and trying to catch the bullet in his mouth…Yes you read that right his mouth. Why? I know he is a master of tricks and illusion but this just seems stupid. I am at the point now where I think that … More Why David Blaine?


Have you ever listened to a radio show or a podcast and they tell you that they just watched a show that was so amazing that everyone needed to watch it? When you watched it was it any good? Usually I will watch a show that is recommended to me and they are usually good … More Westworld