Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Review

To start I will warn you that there are some spoilers possibly throughout this post as it is impossible to review this movie as there is just too much connected to potential spoilers. I will start off by saying that not only did I love this movie, but I loved the fact that they made this a true standalone film. Often people will say that they are going to make a movie that is a one off but they leave the movie either incomplete or they will make sure that a sequel is possible. This movie made sure that there will be no sequel in two different ways, but we will get to that later.

The movie itself is amazing as they give enough leading up to the main part of it to give you an explanation as to who our heroine is. It is short and gives you a ton of motivation for many of the characters as well as trying to slightly confuse you. The action in this movie is much more traditional to the original movies as they have no blood and blasters do the damage you would expect that they would do to people. This movie establishes a group of rebels who are not apart of the main group who are more radicalized and who the rebel alliance does not want to associate with but know that they have to. The group is shown in action stealing from the Empire in a very militia like manner and gives the feeling of them being extremists. I loved this as it showed how desperate times had become and they do what needs to be done to try and better their cause.

The death troopers are extremely awesome at the start of the movie and they are not to be messed with but seem to blend in with the other troopers as the main battle on the beach happens. One thing that I found interesting is that this movie would work as any era of movie as the battle scenes could have taken placed in modern day, the past, or as they showed so greatly the future. These battle scenes are very tactical and make the battle seem so realistic that at times it could be blurred with an actual war. Now we will get to where it is more spoiler filled so stop now if you don’t want to know.

After you realize that the main character Jyn Erso’s father had only gone back to work on the Death Star so that he could install a flaw, the flaw that you see in A New Hope, you get the scene where he is found out and confronted which leads to a confrontation. After the rebels crash land near the location where this is happening the main base sends rebel fighters to destroy everything so that they cannot get information as to where the flaw is. After they destroy much of the area where Jyn’s father is located she has a confrontation with Captain Cassian Andor where he tells her that she is not the only one who has lost people in these battles which made me realize something. How are they going to make sure there is no chance of a sequel? Everybody has to die.

The line about sacrifice made me realize that Cassian was going to do whatever it takes to get the plans they need even if it leads to his death. As they head to the planet where the plans are held it seems as though things are going great and things start to collapse and then you realize that the rebels will reach their goal but there is little hope for them to live. While many reviews I have read have mentioned getting the same feeling of knowing what is going to happen they haven’t talked about how this made them feel the rest of the movie.

In my opinion it ended in a way that made it not only satisfying but it also kept me enthralled the entire time. They didn’t do the typical thing where they would take all the characters and either help one survive to help the cause, or  have all of them die together. They take their time and have them all die in a way that suits each character with the finality being that the Empire uses a low blast to destroy the base ensuring that all of the rebels are dead as well as well as any hope of them getting the plans out. They do get the plans out as all know and it ends. I won’t describe the end as it is better to see in person but I will say that it was beyond a fitting end.

I plan on watching this movie at least one more time in the theater and seeing as Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher, recently passed away I will be sure to enjoy all that she helped to create. On a bright side we only have about 11 months until we get Episode VIII and it will be a crazy year waiting for it.

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