Suicide Squad Review

Yes I know this review is way late and nobody will truly care what I say but I felt that it was necessary to give an opinion from someone who loves comic books. See I have taken a huge break from super hero movies and this was my first time watching one fully since Iron Man. Like most of the early super hero movies they were great but I had become burned out with the same type of things happening. My eyes were opened with Guardians of the Galaxy,which is technically a super hero movie, and I thought I may give this another chance. I heard the reviews of Batman V. Superman:Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad and I just took them at their word. Personally they were wrong.

First of all I actually liked Ben Affleck as Batman and I think that if he had been given the amount of control that Ryan Reynolds with Deadpool then he could actually have done what he wanted. I liked Batman V. Superman but there are some flaws there that could have made the movie slightly different but a  good movie none the less. Suicide Squad on the other hand was nothing compare to what the reviews said. The complaints were from people who truly do not like the comic book movie idea.

People have said that Jared Leto’s Joker was not portrayed in a way that was true to the villain himself but I felt as though he portrayed a great and crazy version that was more modern than people liked. The movie did have points where things were explained, or not ,in a way that could frustrate or confuse some and to me this is why some of the reviews were low.

In the end this movie for me was great and the characters who were involved were amazing. After seeing this I am very hopeful that the rumors of a Will Smith Deadshot stand alone film are true because he played that role perfectly. Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, and even The Joker in his limited role made this feel evil while also making the movie very fun. If you have not seen this movie yet then you need to as I highly recommend it.

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