Doctor Strange Review

Since I have been on a super hero watching frenzy I thought that it was perfect time to watch Doctor Strange. The reviews I had read were great and many just complained that the movie wasn’t as action packed. This movie not only has plenty of action, it takes a route that I have never truly seen in a Marvel movie. The route they decided to portray is one in which the main member of the movie and star does not wish to hurt or kill anyone. Being that he is a doctor he acknoledges that he took an oath to help people.

The imagery and the scenes in this movie are amazing as they take a multi-dimensional and world bending run through their world and fight people who were trying to unleash evil upon our world. The fighting is fast paced and is very awesome as they do not try and make things look too CGI looking. They also have comedy laid out throughout the movie and it adds a little lighthearted feeling as this does feel like a very emotional movie. This is a must see in the theater and I cannot wait to see Doctor Strange in the next movies.

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