Podcast Of The Week:The Film Vault

Those of you needing to find a good podcast to listen to while all of the current television shows go on hiatus or you need something to listen to while at work/play then I have a great podcast for you. The Film Vault is a podcast that is hosted by two individuals named Anderson and Bryan who both have involvement with The Adam Corolla Show. This show is unique for me compared to other film podcasts as they have great banter and they do not take themselves too seriously as they talk about movies they have recently seen as well as the Top 5 lists they do every week.

The basis of the show is that they talk about their Top 5 movies in any of a variety of categories. Some of their recent categories were Top 5 Home Invasion Movies and Top 5 Bad Dad Movies. Along with the lists they wager on new movies that are coming out and what their Rotten Tomato score will be. The loser of this bet is assigned a movie by the winner and it is usually a movie that they have been avoiding. The podcast is a fast starter and so you can usually get into it very quickly. Take a listen and I hope you enjoy!

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