YouTube Controversy

Recently some accusations have come out from some of the bigger YouTubers saying that there are issues with what is going on with the new algorithms that are being used to set up the videos on a persons home page. User PewDiePie even went on to say that he would shut down his channel when he hit 50 million subscribers and mentioned in a recent video that he was frustrated as he noticed that he was not subscribed to channels that he knew he had been subscribed to before but wasn’t anymore. I’m now YouTube star and I make no money by blogging or making videos so I have had no idea of what they could be talking about so I started to do my own investigations.

What I learned was that even though it sounded like people were whining, there is a ton of truth to what they were saying. I only have subscribed to a handful of videos and up until about three months ago I would see all the new video s of people I subscribe to on the main page of my account. When I went to look for the channels I follow I had to go to the subscription tab and find the videos. I even was unsubscribed from a channel that I watch the most and never unsubscribed myself.

While I understand that YouTube has to try and make changes from time to time so that they can make sure that things run efficiently, I do feel like there have been changes made to basically make sure that traffic to the biggest channels and videos are slowed down. I’ll admit that most videos I watch are fail videos and the one channel I was unsubscribed from just takes a heated up ball of nickel and puts it on top of different items. Not the most riveting stuff but I want to see videos that I want to see. PewDiePie reached 50 million subscribers so we will see soon enough what is going to happen and lets hope that things are made right.

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