Geek Fuel Review

So I have been waiting a couple weeks to post this review as I wanted to make sure everyone that ordered the November Geek Fuel received it before I show what was in the box. Before I start I want everyone to know that I paid for this box and in no way was given this box at all. When I got the box on my door step I was surprised with how heavy it was. I have tried other subscription box type things and they were never this heavy. The box is very sturdy and I was beyond excited to open it.


I opened the box and immediately loved everything that I saw in the box. The first items that made me excited were the Wonder Woman and the Batman mugs that are great quality and look old school and unique. Next I saw the t-shirt which is Bender from Futurama with the Futurama skyline below his face. It is a very normal looking t-shirt and have already worn it twice since receiving it.

An interesting item were the Guardians of the Galaxy socks which came with three socks, two of which are Rocket Raccoon and one of Groot. IO love these socks as the company that makes them tells you that you should mix and match the socks. Great concept that has me looking to purchase other of their socks because of how cool an idea it really is.

The third item I saw was a surprise to me and a great one that as it is a mashup pin and I myself collect Disney pins. This pin was a robot which was very Wall-E looking mashed up with Indiana Jones. I love it and now have to debate whether or not I open it to wear or if I keep that thing in pristine condition. The last item in Novembers box was the code for a game on Steam called Dandy:Or a Brief Glimpse into the Life of the Candy Alchemist. This game is a fun and simple game that makes me want everyone to get this subscription service. The game alone makes the box worth it and each box comes with a Steam game.

This months Geek Fuel also came with a special gift for signing up which were the coolest things I have every received in a box EVER. First we have a pillow case with Admiral Ackbar on it saying “IT’S A NAP!”. Genius item and I would totally use it if it wasn’t so awesome. The last thing was a limited edition comic of Star Wars Vader Down which has a variant cover. Below I have a quick look at what came in this box and if you think that this is something you would enjoy and would like a discount on subscribing follow this link – .

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