The NFL Kicker Situation

As I sit here and watch my Houston Texans play on Monday Night Football I am reflecting back on yesterdays full day of games and what happened with the 12 missed PAT’s. The PAT used to be a sure thing for most kickers and it was essentially something that didn’t really mean anything as everyone was going to make them. When the NFL decided to move the kick back most thought that the only thing that would happen was that you would see more 2 point conversion attempts when there was bad weather. Last year we saw a couple of missed field goals but yesterday was something crazy.

Now what do these missed field goals mean? To me it means a lot as so many games this year have been so competitive that those one or two points could mean the difference between a win or a loss. It also means that teams will start to try and go for 2 points more often. The kicker position has now become much more vital and when things do not go right in a game, teams have become more inclined to out and bring in kickers to try them out to replace them.

This once basic position where teams were more concerned about what your ability was to make field goals outside of 45 yards has now become one that you are not set in your job because of this new PAT yardage. I find it interesting with teams that always are more gutsy and will go for two or even go for it on 4th down when they are in a short yardage situation because now everyone is going to be trying to do the same thing. Gone are the days of kickers have a for sure job and now it has made the kicker position much more valuable.

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