Disneyland Super Hero Marathon Weekend

So it has been a little while since I posted last and man has a lot happened. Lets start with running a 5k and a 10k down in Anaheim at Disneyland. I have always wanted to run in a race like this and figured that the best way to start would be to have some fun at Disneyland while I do it. I looked forward to this event for almost 6 months and it came very quickly and while I was ready, I wasn’t really ready.

To start while you run the course there are character stops along the course and they usually are based around the event. The first race was the Captain America 5k and the start of the race had an appearance from the man himself and he gave encouraging words to everyone before the start. Along the way you could take photos with Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and of course Captain America. The second race was the Doctor Strange 10k and had Doctor Strange give the talk ahead of time and he was added to the course to have your photo with him.

The next cool thing is that you run the course around and then in the parks and all the lights and some rides are going as you run around. The cast members(Disney employees) cheer you on as you run around and there are cheer sections of families who help you get through the race. They also have photographers all over the course that take your photo as you run and they use some amazing technology that captures your bid number and you can get all the photos later through the Disneyland app.

The last thing that made this weekend amazing was the Expo that they have in the Disneyland hotel where you can see all the merchandise associated with the race as well as new items that you can buy to help your though the race like Cliff bars, Nestle, and other smaller clothing companies that have all the apparel you would need to run a race. New Balance also has custom shoes that are made to resemble different Disney customers with their unique coloring.

While I know running both races is difficult for some, I highly encourage anyone who can run in one of these races to do so as it is an amazing experience. The encouragement from everyone in the crowds and the feeling it gives you to have accomplished something like this is pretty awesome.

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