Apple Watch Nike+

So recently I reviewed the iPhone 7 Plus and I am still loving it. I have been looking to get a watch as well and decided that since the Series 2 watches have come out with some great advances in what they can do I decided I would buy an Apple Watch and that The Nike+ version was the best option for me. While I am very new to this watch, I have played with all the different smart watches and fitness watches and the Apple Watch Nike+ is in a whole league of its own.

The first thing that I noticed is that the color of the watch itself is awesome and they have several different options for you to choose from with the other watches and the Nike+ watch as well. The watch itself its a perfect size for the band and for my wrist and the screen resolution is amazing. The Nike+ version comes with some exclusive watch faces and pre-loaded with Nike Running Club which is an app that helps motivate you to run more and be healthier.

The ability to have several apps right at your fingertips is really awesome and there are several watch faces that allow you to change what information shows on the screen. When you open up the app section there are several circles that show the apps that you have added to the watch and when you click the circles they open the app and allow it to function in one capacity or another on the watch. Some apps only allow you to view things or do minor things, others have a whole setup where the app has a watch section that does something unique just for the Apple Watch.

As I continue to try and get healthier by working out and running more, this watch is a great way to get motivation and is a great addition to any runners arsenal to get better information from their runs. The ease of use and the ability to make the watch more dressy by changing the bands out also make this an investment for many uses. For those on the fence please go to an Apple store to play with the watches to get a feel, but trust me this is a cool item to have and its a great piece of technology.

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