Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Campaign Review

So the game that everyone patiently waits for every year came out and lets just say that I have spent as much free time that I have on playing this game. This was a package deal I got with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and so I had to play MW a little before I started playing Infinite Warfare(Review to follow for MW). First of all the graphics are ridiculous and even when I think there is no way to make the graphics look better, they come out and make this look so real that it could almost pass for a movie.

So far I have only played the campaign mode as I like to get familiarized with the weapons prior to jumping into the Multiplayer. One cool thing that I have noticed is that there are actually two different sets of Light Machine Guns with one firing the normal bullets and another firing electrically charged projectiles. The electrical rounds assist with killing the A.I. robots and will still kill humans. This along with the addition of several new weapons makes the game much more strategic and intense. My favorite new weapon is the Seeker which is literally a bomb that is a robotic spider that seeks out the enemy. Nothing sounds better than hearing the enemy sing as the Seeker climbs up their leg. They also have electrical grenades that seem to be a step above an EMP grenade, and an anti-gravity grenade that levitates any troops near it allowing you to shoot them out of the air.

Another new feature that is often seen in other games is that you have the opportunity to choose different missions in one way or another. As the Captain of the Retribution you choose certain missions and will get suggestions by the head of the Navy for certain missions to be completed first. This gives you more of a sense that you are truly in control and makes the game a little more interesting.

My new favorite thing to do with these newer games is to try and figure out what famous person may have played a character as they usually have the same facial features. My favorite new character in this round is Kit Harrington who plays Rear Admiral Salen Kotch and looks just like him. This game has a similar handling as Advanced Warfare with the Exo like suit and you have the addition of modern technology that allows you to hijack other robots and have a shield just by using your wrist computer. I think everyone should get this game and once I have played through Multiplayer for a little longer I will review that part of the game.

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