Another Departure From Deadpool 2

Shortly after the director for Deadpool 2 left we got word that the genius music producer Junkie XL. who scored the first films song, is leaving as well. Many other websites and news articles are blaming Ryan Reynolds as Junkie has said that he left because Tim Miller left and that he couldn’t go on without him on the film. I understand his move and I think that professionally it is something that many other people in the same situation would do.

The difference for me is that this film is only being made because of Ryan Reynolds and his dedication. Reynolds had always wanted to make the first film and after it was a huge success due to his persistence, the second film should do the same if they stick to the same formula. My thinking is that because Miller wanted to change things up and go more along the lines of the serious Marvel films there had to be a change. News is out there that the casting of Cable started this and if it takes losing two key people to make a film just as great then so be it. Personally the Deadpool film was one of the most comic book accurate films and I rather the film stick to the comic aspect rather than try and get all serious.

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