Mobile Game : CSR 2

So when it comes to mobile gaming there are many things that I look for when playing them on my phone. First thing is if the game will keep my interest and the second thing is that the graphics itself work with the quality of the game. Some games may lack in graphic quality but they have a great game concept and I will play them. Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff is a game that isn’t big on graphic quality but the game is very fun and addictive. CSR 2 is  a game that seems simple enough but gets much more intricate as it goes along and the graphics in the game itself are awesome.

This game gives players the ability to buy and build up many different cars as well as tune the cars to make sure that their power is at the optimum performance. The concept of the game is to work your way through different crews to earn money as well as find out who stole your car. The story is very basic and this allows you to just race and work your way up the ladder of competition. They have many different areas to race in as well as crews that you can join. The only downside to the game is that some people may get too into the game and rather than just use the free ways to get things and money they will spend a ton of money on the game which if you want to,more power to you. Check below for a sample of the game play.

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