Netflix Original: Glitch

As many of you may have noticed I really like looking for new and interesting additions to Netflix in hopes I may have found a new show to watch. This weekend started off by watching The Office(U.S.) for the millionth time and then went on to a Netflix Original called Glitch. I love watching BBC shows and shows of that nature as they are usually very detailed, have great cinematic quality, and they do not try and force a lot of content into too many episodes. Rather than extend a show out over 22-26 episodes they will have 10-12 and this to me gives the shows a very cool quality to them. Even better with Netflix shows is that they do not have commercials. Glitch meets all of the previous criteria and has a very cool concept.

Glitch is an Australian supernatural drama that follows a police officer who has to deal with several individuals who have somehow dug out of their own graves in great condition and with no memory of their deaths. The people vary in age and time that they lived and many have flashbacks of things from their past leading the viewer to wonder why they have been returned. The show is one that is not very scary but does have suspense and there are constant surprises around every turn. There are only 6 episodes so it is very easy to get through the season. There is some slight nudity so kids should not be watching and they may get scared of some of the scenes. They have actually been picked up for a second season as well so this will be a great way to start and then anticipate the next season.

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