Hulu Original: Chance

In a market where there are numerous streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon that are coming up with tons of original programing, Hulu has only a handful of shows that stand out as great originals of their own. They have aquired shows that already existed so they aren’t quite original. Now they have a show with a star that is making some noise and that show is Chance starring Hugh Laurie. This is a thriller that from what I had heard was just a House reboot but it is far from that.

Laurie plays a forensic neuropsychiatrist living in San Francisco and who is going through a divorce. He gets too close to a patient and things start to change for him. I will not go into too much detail as there are only two episodes out right now, but lets just say this show is beyond riveting and it has me very eager for the next episode. Like most Hulu Originals the show has a weekly date for release of episodes which is Wednesdays and while people say that Laurie is playing a House type person, there is way more to his character in this show.

The show feels very BBC like with it being so dark and gritty. They give a great atmosphere for this show to be set in and it adds a lot to the show. The first two episodes are currently available and I suggest you watch them ASAP and you have to pay attention the entire time as it moves very fast and it also moves slow. Just when you think you can look away you will miss something so make sure your eyes are glued the entire time. Enjoy this show and look for more show reviews here!

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