Nintendo Switch

Nintendo just released its new trailer for a gaming system to change all gaming systems. For a while people have always said that Nintendo was the only console that has been trying to catch up with the two other main consoles to make a difference in the gaming market. They have tried with the Wii and then Wii U, but they truly have not hit the mark when it comes to a next level console. Now they have shown that they are going to be the ones to beat.

The new console is actually designed as a television setup as well as a mobile gaming device where you can take a game you are playing at home and continue it as you go. The system is set up with a small box that connects to your televsion and a controller that you play the games with. There is a box that connects two pieces of a controller where it charges and can be attached to a controller for gaming at home or connect to the tablet to play on there as well. You can also set uo the screen with its kickstand and then take the controllers off the screen and hold them close to you to play. This to me sets the bar very high for Sony and Microsoft as both have not had to much planned for their next consoles. Sony has recently revealed the smaller PS4 and Microsoft has bigger XBOX Ones lined up.

Below is the trailer for this console and all I can say is that this will be my next big buy and I cannot wait!

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