Mafia III Review

Ever since I played the first two Mafia games there was only one thing that I hoped for was a new Mafia game. When I saw the videos for this game I wasn’t too sure how this game would play into the whole concept and so I waited a little while to get the game. The game starts with a disclaimer that there are some racist and sexist tones as well as vulgar language. I knew this would be an awesome game with a warning like that and boy did they start with the vulgarity right away.

The game is based on an African-American man who went to Vietnam and is returning home to just relax. Then things start to get interesting as you learn how this game ties into the Mafia aspect. I will not go too far into it but there is a very large connection and an interesting twist that makes this game that much more fun. All of that mixed with the cool cut scenes and you have yourself a great game. If you liked the other Mafia games and like an older era GTA like game then you will love this. Check the video below for the trailer that gives you some visuals.

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