Logan Trailer

The long awaited final film for Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine is finally almost upon us. Rumors have been rampant with the basis of the movie being about the comic book Old Man Logan. The trailer seems to prove that it is somewhat based on that but nobody will truly know until they see the whole movie. What I will say is that while I love all of the Wolverine movies no matter how much people hate some, this movie looks like it will be the best one yet.

First you have the view of Logan’s back with scars and if you are a fan you know those shouldn’t be there. You also have Logan looking old and seeming sort of like a regular guy just going about his business. What I love about this trailer is that they have the action mixed in with normal calm scenes and the song playing is Johnny Cash’s cover of Hurt. The song and everything fit perfectly. I cannot wait for this movie and how violent it will be especially with the R rating. Enjoy the trailer below!


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