iPhone 7 Plus Review

I will preface this post with the fact that I have not owned an iPhone since the iPhone 4 and I gave up on them for a while. I was frusterated with the lack of options in certain areas but since my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 had its battery blow up I figured it was time to get a new phone. I ordered the iPhone 7 Plus and I was very excited as the specifications and lead up to the release was amazing. The camera alone made me consider buying it. So how has it been with the phone since I recieved it two weeks ago? Amazingly!

First thing is that since I was coming from an android I was worried that I would have to redo all of my contacts and information and a rep from Apple said I may have too. Luckily there is an Android to Apple app that transferred all of my important information including some apps. Next I have a TON on music on my Google Play account so I thought I would lose all that music. Not only do they have a Google Play app that plays all my music, Google Play lets you download all your music and I uploaded it to my iTunes.

Some of the things I really enjoy with the phone is how responsive and awesome Siri is. I can ask most of the most basic questions and they are answered in a way that doesn’t sound alian and weird. The photo and video editing apps are very easy to use and much more advanced than anything I have used on Android and the camera itself is very advanced and very fun to use. The speaker is very loud and I can hear it from pretty far away and music sounds very crisp.

The last thing that made me extremly happy and I was really excited by was the thumbprint scanner that unlocks your phone. The phone has you place your thumb multiple different ways that only your fingerprint can activate it. My wife has tried mutliple times and it will only work with my fingerprint. Another thing that you can do once you have registered the one print is to add multiple different fingers so that if you access the phone with different fingers it will acknowledge them each.

This phone is a complete gamechanger and I can only imagine what Apple has in store for their next generation as they do have to take it up another notch after this phone. The complaints about the headphone jack are really not valid as the phone comes with a jack converter adn I personally use a bluetooth headset so I do not really use the new jack. I think that it is somewhat of a ploy to push their new wireless headphones but hey this is business. If anyone has other questions about the phone feel free to comment here or message to ask!

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