Deadpool 2 Loses Director

The director of Deadpool 2 Tim Miller has quit and in the process news has come out over why the director left the film. Most people are freaking out about this but as a fan I am more than excited. See most people fail to realize that the first movie was the dream of Ryan Reynolds and if the rumor is true that the director left becasue of creative differences between him and Reynolds I am more than okay with it.

The first rumor is that Miller didn’t like who Reynolds had in mind to play Cable in the film and I would trust Reynolds before Miller. He did everything right in the first film and I know he wants to do right by the fans. The second rumor which made me happy to see the director leave was that he wanted to change the way the film was shown. He wanted to turn the film into more like an X-Men film and that is just not who Deadpool is. Deadpool is supposed to be action packed and comedic. I feel great about this happening and wish the director nothing but the best, but this had to happen. All I hope is that the next film will be a hard R.

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