Battlefield 1 Review

When this game was announced all I could think about was that this was going to be a Call of Duty: World at War knock off and that they would just make it World War 1 and better graphics. I knew I had to get this game though because the past Battlefield games have been really awesome. I was completely wrong on this game and I am very happy with this game. The concept of the game is one that I have not seen done like this in a long time. They have made multiple different smaller games mixed into one. There are six different game areas mixed into one where you play six different people in six different areas. Each area takes an aspect of World War 1 and allows you to experience it the way it happened.

They take you from the front lines in trench warfare,driving tanks into the face of battle,flying planes in epic battles,storming beaches,and riding horseback in teh desert. Each area has their own unique experience and each story plays out in such a beautiful way that I could watch a movie based on all of this. The game is very interactive, there are numerous ways to do tasks, and the weapons are so much fun to use.

My favorite addition to the gaming atmosphere was that you can repair your tank and planes while in them. You basically cannot drive the tank while you fix it and you fly slow while fixing the plane but it allows you extend your life. The weapons are awesome and when shooting explosives the environment is so interactive that the buildings will crumble and there is no safe place when trying to hide behind walls.

Multiplayer is so awesome especially on the large battlefield. There are equipment you can get into and even large airships that allow you to combat air attacks. All the other multiplayer levels are similar to most games with Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag but the large battle requires you to capture three different locations before you advance to the next area to then take on more locations like in capture the flag. Either you get all the locations or you lose. It is very interactive and it makes multiplayer so much more fun. Everyone needs this game and watch the cool trailer before that adds a little modern music to it.


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