Worth Your Fight Movement

Now I am not usually a person who will get political and this blog post will be short and I just want to get the word out there about some current issues that us in Northern California face. On many issues that we have to vote on or try many people only see what the people who are for the issue have to say about why voting for their issue will benefit you. Personally if anything involves farming I ask my dad as he is the the dairy industry and if it has to do with schools and education I will ask my mother who is a teacher. They will often tell me what they know about other things that aren’t talked about. One issue came to approving a new and larger budget for schools in the state. Great thing right? No. What they didn’t tell people was that if a new budget was approved, then any money that the school had saved would be taken back by the state. This means if a school saved for a couple years to build a new building or improve an existing one they would lose that saved money.

What does this have to do with the title image and the Worth Your Fight movement? Everything. I have been reading over information that was sent to me by a friend and have gone over all the data and they are trying to sneak this issue by us. I won’t go into too much detail but I advise you to go to https://worthyourfight.org/the-impact/  . This site will tell you how regulations to try and “help” with the drought are not only very late but they will also have a huge impact on local farmers, workers, and the relationships we have with neighboring communities. Feel free to go to the website above and learn about what you can do to help our local community.

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