Review – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

I know this isn’t the most timely review but I finally got to sit down this past week for one of the  most anticipated games in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I never played the previous game that had been talked about as I just didn’t like the concept. After playing the game for about 4 hours I am wishing I had never started playing the game. To me this feels like a rushed game that they were hoping would compete with Call of Duty but there are numerous areas where this game lacks. These areas that are lacking would not be bad on their own but with the added combination of what they do to this game it completely ruins this game.

The first issue I had is that they made this such a sequel that you cannot really play the game without having played the previous game and you will not know what is going on. Not everyone loves a story line bit this game relies heavily on the established characters and previous events to push the story. If this had been the only flaw I could understand, but you then have to move to the issue of the graphics being weird and feel a little off. there are numerous cut scenes that are very jumpy and make you get almost sick as things are done. there are also times where you are located in one area and you are unable to do what you are instructed to do as the game with have an issue graphically leading to my growing frustrations.

The last big issue I had was that the story and plan in itself for the game had me wondering who had this bright idea. The game makes no sense at times and there are certain missions that leave you wondering how does this make sense. The game has you working for one group and then working for another group while you spy on them for the first group. There is also the bad idea that while there are special advanced technology to help those with missing body parts and awesome jets, yet the town you are in reminds me of a slum in Germany. Please if you make another one of these games do something that makes more sense and rather than take an idea from Call of Duty Black Ops II, do something more original.

There was one thing that actually made me very excited in the game and that was you had to modify your robotic legs and arms to give you new abilities. In many games you have to just keep getting the necessary pieces to unlock that ability but not in this game. For certain abilities you have to actually deactivate another ability so that your system doesn’t overheat. this makes a player have to focus on what you are adding or will possibly be using so that you do not end up needing an ability you have no access to.

Anyone with differing opinons feel free to comment of message us so we could discuss this more.

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