Supergirl Review

Have you ever found yourself wanting to watch some television and you can only watch things that your spouse will not really like? Well I found myself trying to find a newer show to watch that my wife wouldn’t like and so I settled on Supergirl. I really enjoyed The Flash and I figured that since they would be working closely with Supergirl being that they are now on the same network that I should watch the show to have some context. I did not have high expectations but I was open minded as I do not know a ton about Supergirl besides her basic origin story. The reviews were not that great but a superhero show on a main network that is true to the comics could have been the reason.

So how did I like this show you ask? I am happy to say that while you can tell they are keeping the show in a format to where you can have at least part of stories finish in each episode, the show is phenomenal. The show is fast paced while not confusing you in the process and they use the lingo that you would expect from a show that involved both superheros and normal people. The actress who plays Supergirl,Melissa Benoist, acts the part excellently while the supporting cast adds to the atmosphere of it being a superhero world. After watching the show for the past week I cannot wait to start watching Season 2 as they have added the Superman character and crossover much more with the shows on CW.

Those of you looking for a new show it does not  matter whether you are a huge comic book fan, or you just want a good show to watch, then this show is for you. The acting, the effects, and the story lines are amazing and it is an all around great show. After you watch it make sure to let me know what you think.

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