The Profit: Flex Watches

In this blog post I am going to combine two great things, Technology and Television. One of my favorite shows is call the Profit which stars Marcus Lemonis and airs on CNBC.Marcus goes into companies that have great ideas for products and who were once profitable and he sees if he would be interested in investing in the company to help turn them around with his money and business insight. This episode was very emotional like many of the other episodes, but this one was for a business that donates percentages of its profits to charities. That business is called Flex Watches. Most of the businesses that Marcus helps with are great ideas on their own and just need some organization or some general direction. This company was successful on their own and then they changed their business model at the request of a customer and it changed the company as a whole.

The reason why I loved this story was that these two best friends created this company and during the creation of the company they were visiting one of the owners mothers who would feed the poor of Mexico. She helped the owners with things and they were inspired by her to have their watches donate a portion of their sales of each watch. Sadly she developed breast cancer and passed away. After her passing is when the company they were supplying their watches to asked for a higher end model and they rushed to put a very expensive watch in a cheap box making it look tacky and selling much less than what the first generation sold.

I will stop there for the description of the show as you should watch it yourself but if you head to you can see the 10 different charities that the watches benefit and even hear the stories behind some of those involved in each charity. This will be my next purchase as I love the basic look of the watches and they are true to their brand. I hope you all watch the Profit as well as go to the Flex Watches website to see all that they have to offer.









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