iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Apple announced the new iPhones earlier this month and they went on sale September 16th. Most people pre-ordered the phones as soon as they heard about the new features and you would have to wait in line at the store if you didn’t get the phone ordered in time. Many people have complained that the new phones are just slightly better in general with the biggest change coming to the 7 Plus with dual cameras to improve zoomed pictures. I have not owned an iPhone myself since the iPhone 4 so I couldn’t tell you all the things that have come and go with the phone.

This past week my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 started acting crazy with it shutting off and freezing all the time. This phone is vital to my job so I have been trouble shooting the phone while also looking at new phones. I thought to myself that I guess I could try the iPhone again and get the Plus as I love having a bigger screen. As I started looking at all my options I noticed that Apple now has a payment plan similar to the AT&T Next program where you pay monthly for the phone, and while you do pay more for the phone in the end, it does it make it easier for you to get a more expensive phone. What Apple does though is making me get this new phone and for a very important reason.

Apple has created their own program where for about $3-$5 more a month you can get Apple Care as well as be able to buy a new iPhone with payment every year with a small down payment. Gone are the days where you had to wait two years and sign a new agreement. This is the smartest thing I have seen with a phone company as they pretty much guarantee that people will buy these phone. Apple themselves has you finance the phone so they incur no damages when people do not pay their bill and they will probably sell many more phones than they have with previous store only payment plan options. I am scheduled to get the phone the beginning of October so as soon as I receive the phone I will do an unboxing to show you all that comes with it. To those who already have the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus let us know here how you have liked the phone.

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