Netflix Cancels Bloodline

In shocking news Netflix has cancelled its first original program and it is a show that I just told everyone to watch. Bloodlines follows a close family and all of their drama. I won’t go into any more detail as there are still two great seasons of the show and a third season is coming in 2017. The show is very well done and the actors are amazing so why would they cancel this show?

According to all reports the cost of the show is astronomical. Not only are they paying for some great actors they are using high quality filming techniques as well as very exotic locations that are more costly to film in. What this cancellation also means is that while Netflix is axing this show, they are in a way making sure that they can have additional original content that is not hurt by a lack of funding due to a overly expensive show.

This show may be leaving but I still want everyone to go watch this show especially the new season that comes next year and also make sure to watch as much original content as they do look at the numbers and choose what shows they think perform the best and keep them around.

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