Podcast Of The Week: The Tony Kornheiser Show

A little late in the week but it has been crazy busy for me but I just had to let everyone know about this amazing podcast. Most people might know about Tony Kornheiser as a host on Monday Night Football at one time as well as a co-host on PTI:Pardon The Interruption. He has also had a show on the radio in Washington D.C. about sports and it was on the ESPN station there. He has a huge following of what he calls “littles” and they call him “Uncle Tony”. He loves Nationals baseball and is very insightful when it comes to sports, politics, and life in general.

Now why am I so excited to share this podcast? Well Uncle Tony recently left his gig at the radio station and started over last Monday as a podcast. The format is still there and the jokes are similar but since they are starting over they are bringing in new listeners so they have sort of hit the reset button. This is a great opportunity for people to get into a great podcast while not having a ton of inside jokes. It is a great and welcoming podcast that is daily and runs about an hour and flows very well as the podcast is segmented out. If you love sports,politics, or just listening to an old man talk about life then you must listen to this podcast!

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