So I have been gone for a couple of weeks now and there was a very important reason why. The past two weekends I have been at “The Happiest Place On Earth” Disneyland. For the past year I have been an Annual Passholder and went to the parks a total of 24 days. This has always been a dream of mine and while our passes have expired the experience was great none the less. As a kid you always dream of one thing and achieving my dream of becoming a passholder was awesome. How was this past year you ask? Well there was a lot of stuff we did and experienced.

To begin with we started our journey as passholders with my family on a trip for three days at the parks. We rushed around and tried to do all the rides and we rushed from Fast Pass to Fast Pass. It was a regular trip that I had experienced over the years with my family as a kid. We had a ton of fun and at that moment we started planning our next three trips. Our drive home had us so excited and thinking of what we could do next time. That next time came a month later in the form of a day trip for my birthday. This trip we knew we wouldn’t get in too much as we were just there for a day. We got to drive the SS Mark Twain and get a cool certificate and do many of the rides we love before heading home early the morning after my birthday.

The next trip is when the magic really set in. Not only were we not in a hurry, but we were walking slower and enjoying all the things that the parked offer, and we didn’t rush to get on any ride because we knew that we would be back to catch any rides we missed. You see all the hidden Mickey’s, you ride your favorite rides more than once and you just have a great time. Now as we went more and more we learned all the tricks and had fun every single time. The time went on and we had trip after trip and this past weekend, September 10-11, was our last official weekend.  While being bittersweet, it was something that I will always cherish. We do plan on getting passes again but in a few years, but until then I hope that any of you that have ever considered getting a pass and are able to you should!

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