Podcast Of The Week:Ross Tucker Football Podcast

This week I am looking at the sports world at a podcast that will be very relevant as we head into the football season. Ross Tucker is a former NFL offensive linemen who used to podcast on the ESPN podcast network and has now launched a podcasting empire with multiple very informing and interesting podcasts. The flagship podcast is the Ross Tucker Football Podcast which covers all the news and has discussions with numerous people in the league from players, coaches, and analysts who go over what has happened in the league.

I truly appreciate this podcast as Ross tells you how he feels on all things from coach choices, plays, and even his personal feelings on the goings on in the NFL.His knowledge into the league as well as his connections for interviews make every show interesting and gives you an insight into what real people think about current NFL events. The other thing that the podcast gives you that is a little different is that it is always under 40 minutes and is still packed full of information. Before the season starts on Thursday make sure to get your fill on all of Mr. Tucker’s knowledge and give you some great insight into this season. If you enjoy the football podcast you can also check out the other podcasts that range from college football to fantasy football for more great listening.

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